3 Hidden Gems in Edinburgh to explore

  • Dean Village: Dean Village is situated 10 minutes away from Princes Street. It’s a historical area of the city, you will find yourself surrounded by 19th century buildings, mill stone plaques decorated with baked bread and pies, a clock tower and a stone bridge right by the Water of Leith.


  • Circus Lane: Circus Lane is a hidden gem in the Stockbridge area built in the 18th century. Expect to see a lovely neighbourhood with Georgian residences, colourful doors and blooming flowers. It doesn’t matter how many times you have visited this gem, there is always another hidden treasure to discover. Circus Lane is within 10 minutes walking from Princes Street.


  • Dunbars Close: Dunbars Close hides a beautiful 17th century style garden by the Royal Mile in the middle of the city centre. The Royal Mile is one of the most popular streets in Edinburgh, thousands of tourists are walking on the Royal Mile to see Edinburgh Castle or Holyrood Palace but this garden is a hidden gem. Dunbars Close is within 15 minutes walking from Princes Street.

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